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New Brands/products – introduced at end of October at MDC convention.  BodyMelt is the healthy weight loss program which includes 6 products (plant based protein shake in vanilla or chocolate, Greens drink – you can mix it with the shake, energy drink mix, detox capsules, Burn Metabolic blend capsules, and MicroBio – probiotic capsules).  These can be ordered as package price for $199 or you can order products individually.  Mantra Spa has 4 products (body lotion, body butter, body wash, and body scrub), these contain essential oils, can be ordered together as a package for $78, or can order individually.  Cosmikology is the new safe cosmetic line with no harmful ingredients, has been rated in Environmental Working Group cosmetic section as having top ratings, these started shipping in November.  Beyond is the healthy dark chocolate company that MDC bought, products include 2 kinds of dark chocolate squares with high flavonoid/antioxidant content with one small bar equivalent to eating over one pound of spinach, one of these kinds contains probiotics.  Beyond also has a whey protein chocolate shake and some other products.  There are now 9 brands within My Daily Choice – Daily sprays, Hempworx, Mantra essential oils, High Life Travel, Hemp Momma (hemp clothing), BodyMelt, Cosmikology, Beyond chocolate, and Akashx (digital currency – Coin Zoom added).

New pricing – Hempworx CBD oils – new lower pricing was offered in month of December as a promotion, it was announced 2/3/22 on the February update MDC zoom call that this price will now be the new pricing.  500 mg. CBD oil is $59, 750 mg. CBD oil is $79, and 1500 mg. CBD oil is $99.

Valentine’s Day promotion – Share the Love – package contains 4 products for $99 (1 Mantra Lavender essential oil, 1 Daily Spray-Passion, 1 Beyond Chocolate power squares, 1 Hempworx CBD bath bomb set (6 ct.), available to order Feb. 1st-9th, so it can arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.  I also have other products in stock ranging in price from $6.99-$79 – CBD facial masks, Beyond chocolates, Beyond chocolate whey protein shake, Mantra Synergy Roll-Ons (essential oils with cannabinoid blends – 4 kinds – Flex, Soothe, Beauty, and Calm), CBD fruit gummies, Relief cream containing CBD, various flavors of CBD oils.  Contact me if you would like to meet me to pick up order.

FB business pageHerbs To Go – CBD & Hemp – I post updates here such as sales, events planned, vendor booths, new products.  Also, I have a private FB groupHemp To Go Education – ask to join if you are interested.


Premium Memberships – NSP has extended the free memberships throughout all of 2022.  This gives you 20% off retail prices and 1 free shipping/month, no minimum order, no autoship required.  If you are not a member and would like to have a new premium membership, this is my link:  www.mynsp.com/gregurek or you can call me and I can call in your order.

New products – Avia Nutrition introduced in January.  These include a plant based protein shake in vanilla or chocolate, whey protein shake in vanilla or chocolate, Clean Energy drink, MCT powder, Aivia Ketones, Carb blocker, and Aivia Hydrate.

Silver Shield – this is NSP’s best selling product out of their 600 products, announced during January webinar.  This is a liquid dietary supplement for broad spectrum immune support.

Master Essential Oil Class – I attended the four sessions of this 8 hour workshop given by Lorrie Hargis, registered aromatherapist.  She was my instructor for my first essential oil class 22 years ago.  The topic of this workshop was Essential Oils and Viruses.  She told of her experience having the virus along with her daughter, and what they used to recover.  Some of the things I learned:  For sore throat or extreme thirst – gargle with tea tree, lemon, and peppermint essential oils.  For fatigue – use cinnamon, clove, lavender, and/or lemon essential oils.  For congestion or runny nose – use peppermint, ginger, or cinnamon essential oils.  For coughs – use ginger, peppermint, thyme, or ravintsara.  For diarrhea – use ginger, peppermint, can add orange and lemon essential oils – also can apply a warm compress with orange oil over abdomen – this helps the microbiome in the gut.  For shortness of breath – use warm oil and water compresses with cinnamon and clove.  For headaches – use lavender, peppermint, or rosemary.  For muscle aches – use ginger, lavender, Roman chamomile.  For fever – use lavender and/or lemon.  For chills – use ginger and or cinnamon.  For nausea – use ginger and peppermint – can drink ginger/peppermint tea.  An easy way to help congestion is to apply essential oils on washcloth and put at bottom of shower drain, get in shower and run hot water and this will make a steam inhalation.  Can also get a pot of boiling water, take off heat and cool for 5 minutes, add essential oils (lemon, ravintsara), inhale while keeping head 8 inches away from pot, cover head with towel while doing this.  She also reminded us of need to do deep breathing or walk around in house to get lymph system moving.  For loss of taste and smell – might need to retrain brain, sniff rosemary essential oil directly out of bottle, add lemon to your water and think of how this tastes and smells.  Symptoms of burning sensation in stomach can come from the liver sending too much bile back into the stomach, as it tries to detoxify the virus.

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