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I teach people how to use herbs and vitamins to improve their health and prevent illness

Teresa Gregurek (Herbs To Go)

Herbs To Go

Location Hearne, Texas Phone Number (979)229-3351

My Goal : To learn as much as I can about natural health to empower myself to help family, friends, and others to improve their health and prevent illness.  I am a registered nurse, herb specialist, and Certified Natural Health Consultant.  I specialize in marketing products for people who feel like falling asleep in the afternoons, even when they're at work, like I used to. I have always been interested in my health and took many different supplements, but after I had my daughter, I couldn't get a full night's sleep. None of the supplements seemed to make a difference. I was so tired in the evening, I couldn't finish household chores. Then one day, I tried these other products (NSP), and after a few weeks, I noticed I didn't feel sleepy in the afternoons anymore. Within a few months, I could continue working and doing activities in the evening until bedtime at 10:30 pm. It's been over 20 years now and I have more energy than I did in my thirties. Do you know anyone who might like to know about products like that? I decided to do this as a business, I have been selling and teaching about herbs for health since 1999. I continue to attend conferences, seminars and webinars offered by Nature’s Sunshine Products. I am currently enrolled in a traditional naturopathy course - to learn more about all forms of natural healing, and plan to graduate and take board exam in August 2022.

Natural Health Handbook

       Seven Ways to Wellness

I wrote this to provide basic information about natural health which I have learned.  Seven chapters - Water, pH balance, Diet, Immune system protection, Exercise, Detox, and Aromatherapy.

Cost is $11.00 plus $4.00 shipping = $15.00. Contact or e-mail me.


The information on this website is for educational and personal use and is not meant to diagnose or treat disease.  You should see a competent health practitioner for any serious medical condition.