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Herbs To Go

Thai-Go – tastes like red grape juice, gives me energy, concentrated source of antioxidants, supports immune system.

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol I take this at first sign of feeling sick, also take as preventative if I plan to be around lots of people who might be sick.  It supports immune system, great to take with you when you travel, liquid that can be taken internally, used as eye drops or ear drops (for earache) or nasal spray (sinus problems).

Silver Shield Gel – comes in two versions, the Rescue Gel has more silver.  Apply to wounds, cuts on skin, apply on burns, insect bites.  Silver reduces bacteria and fungus, speeds healing, reduces itching.  The regular version can be used cosmetically as under eye cream and for skin breakouts.  I use this every day.

Nutri-Calm – tablet containing B&C vitamins with special herbs which help stress.  Body uses more of these vitamins when it is under stress.  I miss the calm feeling when I don’t take it.

Lavender Essential Oil – I use it in a spray bottle to put on at bedtime to help sleep.  Also apply it on skin to help the nervous system in times of stress.  I have also used it when accidentally burned skin while cooking.  It can also be used for sunburn.  It is very healing, prevents scars, naturally antibacterial.

Super Supplemental – this is a super multivitamin/mineral with special chlorophyll coating.  It helps me make it thru the day, helps me from feeling fatigued in the afternoon.

Love and Peas – this is a protein powder made from split peas as well as other vegetable proteins.  It is dairy free, gluten free, lactose free, contains vitamins and minerals.  1 serving equals 20 Gm. Protein.  I like to have this for breakfast, mix in a Magic Bullet blender, add some banana slices, frozen blueberries and raspberries, 1 tbsp. coconut oil, 1 oz. almond milk, 8 oz. water.  It also comes in Sugar Free version (only 10 Gm. Carbs).  Also have the IN.FORM pea protein shake.

My Favorite Products

Probiotic Eleven -  these capsules contain 11 different strains of the good microbes your body needs to stay healthy.  Great to use this after you have had to take antibiotic, to help replenish the healthy bacteria.  I take these on daily basis to keep immune system strong, to help prevent illness.

Chlorophyll, liquid – I put a few tablespoons in my bottle of water as I drink throughout the day.  It gives the water a mint taste, helps me drink more.  It also helps get rid of body odors, acts as a natural internal deodorant.  It also helps to balance the pH level in the body.